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Hospitality Manager & Arts Advocate

You will find that throughout my work I have found that the breadth of my skills and experience surround the following foundational competencies:

Ability to communicate, and drive performance related to service philosophy.

Ability to design, implement, & maintain organizational governance. 

Ability to lead highly diverse teams towards a common goal and shared vision.

In my time with the Walt Disney Company I have had the opportunity to gain a strong understanding of the service industry, its nuance and artistry, within in a variety of departments and operational arenas. This has allowed me to develop a holistic view of delivery and its strategic role in building and ensuring brand quality and loyalty. In every role I have performed my focus on the guest experience has been paramount. It is in that ongoing commitment I see the direct connection our efforts as hospitality leaders have on encouraging the guests intent to return. I have found this is achieved by ensuring operational efficiency and effectiveness through empowering others, fostering consensus, but more importantly as a leader, by providing a world-class level service to partners and front line teams who interact and shepherd the service vision to each and every guest.

As an advocate for all arts I am also drawn to the passion that is undoubtedly and fundamentally a part of organizations such as the Educational Theatre Association, California State Thespian Society and local youth programs such as the Highlander Auditorium. It is with that shared vision I, professionally and intrinsically, look to new and exciting opportunities that allow for the implementation of my skills into a set of industries I have such high affinity for.